About Us

Sri 1008 Sri ViswabhooshanaTheerthaSwamiji
, under the guidance of worldly re-known Sri 1008 Sri VishweshaTheerthaSwamiji,PejawarMutt, Udupiand with the grace of Lord Sri Krishna& Sri LakshmiNarasimha, started the Madhwanayarana Ashram in 1994.The Ashram was built in a small portion of the 3 acres land, by his holiness. A visionary, his holiness was very objective from the beginning that the Ashram should address the fundamental needs of the society and the social being should find the peace-of-mind when they are part of this environment.

The initial 10 years was focused on upbringing few activities like creating the ‘energy centre’ and ‘spirituality momentum’, as part of elevating the motivation/inspiration level of people visiting to the Ashram from time to time. This was done through performing various programs including creating small meditation centre around the Puja room of Sri Guruji, followed by periodical philosophical discourses by well known personalities, performing various kinds of havans (a prayer to the god thro’ sacrificing our wealth in agni/fire, for wellness of people on this earth) and also serving hygienic food (prasad) to the ashram visitors/poor people. Further, the ashram went extended the purpose of service to protect the ‘cows’ through appropriate shelter, food and health care.